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    Regionalization: The hard yet necessary work of tearing down silos

    There is a certain business logic to having a McDonald’s or Starbucks every two miles but that same logic doesn’t apply to cardiovascular surgery programs. Consolidation produces service-line duplication for health systems operating multiple facilities within a given market.

    While expanding reach and access are key priorities for any health … Read more

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    The 21st Century Patient

    What are the expectations and demands of the 21st Century patient? That crucial question is what numerous hospitals and health systems are trying to divine. Thanks to new technologies such as mobile devices, the cloud and telemedicine, and disruptive new players like retail clinics and urgent care, the patient experience … Read more

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    Clayton Christensen: health care’s “jobs to be done”

    For all the talk of the “retailization” of health care, health care organizations are not servicing their customers like they think they are.

    That blunt assessment was delivered by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen during his keynote presentation at athenahealth’s 2014 Independent Strategic Client Forum.

    “Many of the experiences … Read more

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